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This information is intended for men who have an upcoming vasectomy with a Urologist from Brisbane Urology Clinic (BUC) or Central Queensland Urology Clinic (CQUC).

The following information will help you prepare for your operation. Please read this information carefully.

If you have any questions about your operation please call 07 3830 3300 to speak to your urologist or one of our specialist urology nurses. 

Information about the operation and aftercare
Preparing for your operation


If you are having a vasectomy under local anaesthetic, you can eat and drink normally before the procedure.

If you are having a vasectomy under general anaesthetic, you will need to fast (nothing to eat or drink) for 6 hours before the procedure. You will be called or emailed with your fasting time beforehand.

Hair trimming

If you are having a vasectomy under local anaesthetic, we’d like you to trim the hair on your scrotum on the morning of the procedure. You don’t need to trim the rest of your pubic hair. We prefer you to use a body hair trimmer if you have one, but if not then using a razor is ok. Don’t wax your scrotum as this increases your risk of getting an infection.

If you are having a vasectomy under general anaesthetic you don’t need to trim your scrotal hair beforehand.

Things to have at home

Have two ice packs (or bags of frozen peas) ready in your freezer so you can ice the area after your vasectomy.

Have paracetamol and ibuprofen at home so you can take them if needed after your vasectomy.

Bring a pair of tight fitting, supportive underwear to your appointment/to the hospital. You’ll also need to wear supportive underwear for 1 week after your vasectomy. The best supportive underwear is:

  • A pair of swimming togs (speedos) over a pair of underwear; or
  • Two pairs of tight-fitting underwear; or
  • A jock strap over a pair of underwear.
Semen analysis after vasectomy

You are not sterile immediately after your vasectomy. You must continue to use alternative contraception until sterility is confirmed.

About 4 months after the operation, you need to have a sperm count (semen analysis) to confirm that you are sterile. You will be sent a pathology request form for this test.

Please check with the laboratory prior to providing the sample, as not all pathology collection centres will accept semen analysis. Instructions for specimen collection for different pathology companies can be found below:

Please call 07 3830 3300 two days after the test for your results.